Jan 5 2019 – Bishop Bell and an Archbishop’s Silence

“The power of silence: The mystery of Pope Francis’ refusal to respond to his enemies” – The Tablet


stop burying your heads in the sand, colleges - education reform now on Ostrich With Head In Sand Cartoon

“When it comes to the Bishop Bell case, it would appear Archbishop Welby – and his Church lawyers – are attempting the same strategy [aka ‘pulling the same stunt’] as the Pope: Silence.

“But it seems to me, the Archbishop’s silence is of a different nature to that of the Pope. It is not a dignified, devotional silence. It is a silence more akin to that heard by an ostrich burying its mitred head in the ecclesiastical sand.

“Lord Carlile has already said everything that needs to be said. We really don’t have to wait for the Briden Report to tell us what we already know.

“Restoring 4 Canon Lane back to George Bell House would be proof enough of a change of heart within the Church hierarchy – and that change of heart was expected after the Carlile Report. It didn’t happen – and it hasn’t happened. Their hardened hearts appear to have turned into a deafening silence”


~ Richard W. Symonds

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