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“Here is the shocking moment [Oct 22 2015] when the wartime Bishop of Chichester George Bell was thrown under a moving bus by a Church swerving to avoid further blame for serial child sex abuse”

~ Richard W. Symonds

November 21 2018 – Richard W. Symonds

I’m sure there’s research out there somewhere, and if there isn’t there should be, of perfectly sane, civilised, sensible individuals, groups, communities and societies inexplicably and unpredictably doing astonishingly insane, uncivilised, stupid – even evil – things, and thinking at the time they are perfectly sane, civilised and sensible – even good.

Nazi Germany is an obvious example of an ‘evilicious’ society and community collectively doing this.

An inexplicable suicide is an obvious example of an individual doing this.

A not-so-obvious example is a small, core group doing this.

The Church of England’s original Core Group investigating Bishop George Bell’s alleged abuse of a child could be a good example.

Oxford’s Christ Church Core Group could be another.


Richard W. Symonds