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July 1 2019 – IICSA Anglican Church Investigation

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  1. Mr Greenwood tells the Inquiry: “When it comes to safeguarding, this is a thoroughly disreputable organisation and cannot be trusted.”

  2. We are now hearing from David Greenwood on behalf of MACSAS and a group of victims and survivors. “Cultural change will only come through the enforcement of tough penalties,” he says, with regard to safeguarding within the Church.

  3. Mr Scorer tells the panel: “I hope you can see the frustration of survivors about the pace of change and the fear, most of all, that progress will simply stall when this Inquiry comes to an end.”

  4. Mr Scorer says “any attempt to change hearts and minds in the church has to be led forcefully and vocally from the top… survivors don’t see that.” Watch live:

  5. We will now hear from the legal representatives of core participants, beginning with Richard Scorer on behalf of a group of victims and survivors.

  6. Ms Scolding is now explaining the structure of the Church in Wales as well as its safeguarding policies. Watch live:

  7. Independent Social Worker Edina Carmi has been instructed to review these sample cases and provide her expert opinion about whether the dioceses’ practices were in line with the relevant guidance and whether the steps taken were adequate.