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October 21 2017 – “O pray for the peace of Jerusalem” – A Prayer by George Bell, Bishop of Chichester – Published in the Chichester Diocesan Gazette – 1936




O pray for the peace of Jerusalem;

They shall prosper that love thee.

Pray for the Jews,

Pray for the Jews in Stepney, and Whitechapel, and Bethnal Green;

Pray for the German Jews;

For all those suffering pain, suffering disgrace,

Because of their race.

Pray for those who have a Jewish parent or grandparent,

And are Christians by faith.

Pray for the older people, who have laboured all their days,

Who have struggled bravely for Germany,

Who have lived nobly for Germany,

Whose sons have died for Germany,

Who are now spurned and despised,

Because they come of the Saviour’s race.

Pray for the young men and women,

Who had begun to work for Germany;

Following honest callings, honourable professions,

Eager to serve their country, as their fathers served it,

Who are now flung out, and denied all share in the national life,

Because they come of the Saviour’s race.

Pray for the children

Who yesterday were happy and free from care,

Happy in their schools, happy in their games,

Happy with other German boys and German girls,

With the same lessons, the same toys,

The same hopes, the same troubles and joys,

Who are now persecuted by their teachers,

Persecuted by their schoolfellows,

Pilloried in their classroom,

Expelled from the playground,

Because they come of the Saviour’s race.

Pray for the Non-Aryan Christians,

Who have rejected Judaism,

And have accepted the Cross.

To the Jews, the Jews from the whole world

Give succour and sympathy.

But to these Non-Aryan Christians

Who speaks a word of comfort ?

Who clothes them, or feeds them ?

Who visits them in prison ?

Who shares with them the Cross of Christ ?

Pray for all Non-Aryan Christians,

Pray for them, and help them !

And remember the Saviour’s word – 

Inasmuch as ye did it not to the least of these,

Ye did it not to me.