December 28 2017 – ‘Me-Too’ Movement – The Silence Breakers Time Magazine Overlooks

Two high-profile cases in the U.K. have underscored the unfairness of accusations receiving immediate credibility. In one case, the accused could not mount a defense as he had died years earlier; in the other, the accused pleaded not guilty to rape. He would be in prison today had truth not intervened.

In 2015, accusations by an unidentified woman of repeated child abuse acts against much-admired clergyman Bishop George Bell, who died in 1958, received national headlines. His only accuser, she gained national support, even from the Bishop’s own Church of England, which “found no reason to doubt her.” Fortunately, some journalists, upset at this one-sided story, rose to the bishop’s defense. An independent report accused the church of over-reacting, “rushing to judgment … without sufficient investigations,” based on its under-reacting on previous, justified abuse claims against other clergymen. Bishop Bell was fully vindicated. As a male journalist later put it, “If a saintly man can be branded a sex abuser, none of us is safe.”

For two years, Liam Allan stood accused by a fellow student of raping her numerous times. The charges and negativity against him they generated hung like a cloud over Allan’s head until dropped just recently when determined that he had been falsely accused. It was discovered police had withheld thousands of the accuser’s emails proving she “wanted and enjoyed the sex she later claimed was non-consensual.”


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