“The Jersey Way”, Doublethink, and Andrew Lewis

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Frances Oldham QC


“Andrew Lewis did see the full Report, but didn’t see the full Report. Doublethink” ~ Richard W. Symonds




August 3, 2017 7:41 pm

Deputy Andrew Lewis was the Home Affairs Minister who suspended former Police Chief Graham Power amid much controversy in November 2008 – over his handling of the historical abuse investigation, Operation Rectangle.

Today, he appeared for the second time in front of the panel investigating historical abuse. The panel heard how, during a private States debate, the then Home Affairs Minister told his colleagues he had ‘read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police’ which heavily criticised Power’s conduct – but today he denied ever seeing that report.

He was also shown evidence of different statements he’d made to other investigating forces and investigations – including Wiltshire Police – where he said he had seen a report by the Metropolitan Police.

He [Andrew Lewis – AL] was questioned by Counsel to the Inquiry, Cathryn McGahey [CMG] and Panel Chair Frances Oldham QC [Chair].

CMG: So it wasn’t right to tell Wiltshire Police that you’d seen the report?

AL: Well I had seen the report. I’ve seen extracts of it.

CHAIR: But the question is, did you see the whole report of extracts from the report?

AL: I only saw the bits of the ACPO report that the Chief of Police felt were appropriate for a Minister to see.

CMG: So why did you tell Wiltshire Police that you had seen it?

AL: Well, I had.

CMG: There’s a difference isn’t there between seeing a report and seeing extracts that the Chief of Police thought it appropriate for you to see?

AL: Yes I had seen the report, I had seen elements of the reports. I’m sorry if I didn’t put the word ‘extract’. I had seen elements of the report, we all had. It was also shown to Mr Walker and Miss Kinnard.

CMG: So that was inaccurate as well.

AL: I would not say it’s inaccurate as well. I’m very clear. I saw the report.


1. http://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2017/08/04/deputy-lewis-disappointed-by-ppc-ruling-that-he-broke-code-of-conduct/

“Deputy Lewis maintains that he did not lie and merely used poor wording, but during the PPC hearing he admitted that some Members may have been ‘misled’ by his remarks”


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