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Jan 12 2019 – Chichester City Council – Chichester Heritage Trails – Leaflet 8 – ‘Notable people’ – Bishop George Bell


Jan 1 2019 – Bishop Bell and the Briden Report

img_9510 (2)

Bishop George Bell

This has just been sent by someone concerned with the Briden Report on Bishop Bell:
“The final element of the process is its consideration by the Deciding Officer, appointed by the Church, who will make … decisions [on] information that he has at his disposal, as submitted by the various legal representatives. In terms of publication of the various documents, that will be a matter for the Church of England and, I expect, that that decision will be made in January or February [2019] when the legal process has been completed. I’m sure that the decision will be made public but I will advise you as soon as I am made aware, in any event”
Invitations have now been sent out for Chichester’s ‘Rebuilding Bridges’ event at George Bell House/4 Canon Lane next month (Feb 4). RSVP soon SVP as the Bonhoeffer Room only holds a max of 30.
Sandra Saer will act as Chair and Ruth Hildebrandt Grayson will be one of the Keynote Speakers.
Richard W. Symonds

George Bell House/4 Canon Lane – RWS Photography

October 22 2017 – Chichester Cathedral – Arundel Bell Screen + Bell Memorial + Bell Prayer 1936

IMG_9963Chichester Cathedral – RWS Photography
IMG_9962 (1)
Bishop Bell Memorial and Bell Prayer 1936
IMG_9969 (2)
Chichester Cathedral – RWS Photography