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Jan 28 2019 – “Bishop Bell to be cleared of abuse by the Archbishop, and George Bell House to be restored at Chichester by the Dean and Chapter ?” – Richard W. Symonds

‘Rebuilding Bridges’ will take place in Chichester next week (Feb 4) – at 4 Canon Lane (formerly George Bell House) – to tackle a number of critical questions, including:

  1. Will Bishop Bell be cleared of abuse by the Archbishop?

  2. Will George Bell House be restored at Chichester by the Dean and Chapter?


February 1 2018 – ‘Rebuilding Bridges’ Morning Conference – Church House Westminster + Letter of Invitation


Dear All

I do hope you have had a good Christmas.
I am writing to you, following the Carlile Review on George Bell, Bishop of Chichester –http://www.chichester.anglican.org/media/documents/document/2017/12/Bishop_George_Bell_-_The_Independent_Review.pdf .
In the light of this, a Morning Conference ‘Rebuilding Bridges’ will take place at Church House Westminster on Thursday February 1 2018
100 written Invitations will be posted out by January 1 2018.
You are warmly invited to attend on Feb 1. 
Please provide a full address and post code, and I will send out an Invitation to you.  
If there is anyone else you might think would be interested in attending, I will be more than happy to also send them an Invitation. 
Many thanks – and a very Happy New Year to you!
Richard W. Symonds
Event Coordinator
2 Lychgate Cottages
Ifield Street, Ifield Village
Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0NN
Tel: 07540 309592 (Text only)
NB May I draw your particular attention to “Help!” on the left-hand side of http://rebuildingbridges.org.uk/ Any contribution towards costs would be appreciated!