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November 2 2017 – Justice for Bishop Bell hindered by further delay in Church Statement

Lord Carlile has already concluded the Church of England’s investigation on Bishop Bell was “flawed and unfair”.
The Church, for reasons only known to itself, has delayed the release of its Statement on Bishop Bell until the end of November – maybe even later.
This is likely to create yet another injustice, entirely of the Church’s own making.
Despite this delay, the Bell Society will continue to focus on two local issues:
1. Restoration of 4 Canon Lane back to George Bell House
2. Re-hanging the Portrait of Bishop Bell in the Dresden Room of George Bell House (at present, the Portrait lies in storage within the Cathedral’s private Library.
~ Richard W. Symonds – The Bell Society – Nov 2 2017

October 29 2017 – Restoration of George Bell House and The Bishop’s Portrait imminent ?

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If Lord Carlile’s findings regarding Bishop Bell are conclusive, Chichester’s Cathedral authorities would be strongly advised to immediately restore 4 Canon Lane back to George Bell House and immediately restore the Portrait of Bishop Bell – in storage within the private Cathedral Library – to its rightful place.

October 27 2017 – Restoration of George Bell House and The Portrait

IMG_9510This Portrait is in storage within the Cathedral Library [September 9 2017] – No Public Access [except on Heritage Open Days eg September 9 2017]

The Plaque reads:

“Bishop Bell has a worldwide reputation for his tireless work for international reconciliation, the arts, education, and church unity. The House that bears his name provides a place where work in these areas can continue and prosper. The generosity of an Anglican Order, the Community of the Servants of the Cross (CSC) has enabled the purchase of the House. Canon Peter Kefford (Treasurer of Chichester Cathedral 2003-2009) was the prime initiator in establishing George Bell House as a centre for Education, Vocation and Reconciliation” 

Photograph: Howard Coster, 1953. It is the last portrait photograph of Bishop Bell.