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May 12 2019 – ‘Justice for George Bell’ Petition

George Bell House - 4 Canon Lane - Chichester Cathedral

George Bell House – 4 Canon Lane – Chichester Cathedral – before the name change [Picture: Alamy]


‘Justice for George Bell’ Petition

Bishop George Bell was one of the great leaders of the Church of England in the twentieth century.  As a member of the House of Lords, on moral grounds he bravely opposed the blanket bombing of German cities in WW2.

Two major reports in 2017 and 2019 established that allegations of abuse made against Bishop Bell sixty years after his death were unfounded.

We request that the name of 4 Canon Lane in Chichester Cathedral grounds should once more celebrate the memory of this great Bishop and be known again as George Bell House.

Reasons for signing

James Grayson
I’ve signed this petition because the accusations against Bishop George Bell were shown to be unfounded, but the Dean and Chapter have made no attempts to restore Bishop Bell’s reputation which have been traduced. One simple way to do this would be to re-instate the name George Bell House onto 4 Canon Lane – a name which had been… Read more
Anne Dawson
“Rededicating 4 Canon Lane restores the reputation of Bishop Bell. It also restores dignity to the Cathedral and the community of Chichester”

‘Paedomanic Media’ to relegate Bishop Bell Report to back pages as Jersey Care Inquiry hits front pages?

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THE use of taxpayers’ money to help politicians learn how to ‘avoid answering questions’ at a time when public sector workers are losing their jobs is ‘astonishing’, a union leader has said.

Nick Corbel of Unite the union has heavily criticised the spending of more than £50,000 on preparing Jersey’s ministers to deal with the international media when the findings of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry are published.

Last week, the JEP revealed that the States spent £18,000 to employ former Tory spin doctor Ramsay Jones to advise ministers on the matter, on top of £33,5000 which was paid to PR firm Portland Communications.

Mr Corbel said that he thought it was ‘amazing’ that this amount of money could be spent at a time when dozens of States workers face redundancy as part of a £73 million cost-cutting programme and when the States are considering raising a new tax through the waste charge.

‘This is taxpayers’ money being used in order to teach politicians how to avoid answering questions,’ he said.

‘The public don’t want our ministers avoiding answering questions. That money could be better used and once again this spending comes at a time when we are being told that times are tight, that cuts are having to be made, that user-pays charges will have to come in which will impact on business. It is astonishing,’ he said.
Read more at https://richardwsymonds.wordpress.com/2016/12/17/justice-for-bishop-george-bell-of-chichester-october-2015-to-october-2017/


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