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November 1 2017 – “Call for ‘living memorial’ to child abuse victims” – Jersey Evening Post


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Call for ‘living memorial’ to child abuse victims

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A ‘LIVING memorial’ for people who suffered child abuse in Jersey – such as a research or education centre – has been proposed by a representative of victims, the Chief Minister has said.


In its first official response to the damning findings of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, which were published in July, the government announced yesterday that it intended to spend £2.9 million to employ an additional 19 full-time staff to implement the eight core recommendations made by the panel.

The government also published an action plan, and progress update, for the recommendations, which include the appointment of a Children’s Commissioner to ensure that children had a voice. The States response also said it intended to address the negative view of the ‘Jersey Way’ – how the Island is run.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst, who supports all of the inquiry’s recommendations, said that he believed that the appointment of a Children’s Commissioner was one of his most important priorities. A shortlist of candidates has been drawn up for the role.

But he added that among the more difficult recommendations to implement would be tackling the negative perception of the ‘Jersey Way’ and dealing with sensitive legacy issues, such as the possible demolition of Haut de la Garenne – a former care home at the heart of the abuse investigation – and the suggested building of a ‘lasting memorial’ for victims.

Senator Gorst said, however, that the development of a ‘living memorial’ to promote better childcare in the Island appealed to him.

‘I don’t want to drive that particular agenda – I would like it to come from a conversation or consultation. But it has been suggested to me by one of the legal representatives of abuse victims that it should actually be a living memorial,’ he said.

‘So this would be a research or educational centre about best practice in childcare or social work, which might be a very fitting memorial rather than just a slab of rock somewhere.’

The Senator said that there was now a shortlist of five candidates for the role of Children’s Commissioner and that interviews would be held over the next fortnight, with the intention of the successful person being in the post by January 2018.
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July 23 2017 – “Let us also hope and pray ‘The Jersey Way’ does not also become known as ‘The Chichester Way'” ~ Richard W. Symonds

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Frances Oldham QC


“Yes, the inquiry was about child care, but at its heart is the Jersey Way in its sinister, controlling manifestation: ‘protection of powerful interests and resistance to change, even when change is patently needed'”

~ Richard Digard [Jersey Evening Post – “Complacency over Inquiry’s report has been astonishing” – July 21 2017]




June 30 2017 – Independent Jersey Care Inquiry: “Those cited for wrongdoing will face justice…those running ‘the system’ won’t escape without sanction…the victims who were cowed into silence or disbelieved for generations will…get some form of justice”

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Frances Oldham QC


Gary Burgess – Jersey Evening Post – June 30 2017

And, finally, we’re just days away from the publication of the report from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

For victims of abuse this will be a very difficult time, regardless of what it says.

For those who were in frontline positions of responsibility there are likely to be uncomfortable truths. For authority figures, some at the very top of the ‘Establishment’ who were in other powerful roles in previous decades, there will difficult questions that deserve answers.

And for today’s politicians, there will be a demand for tangible action and no reliance on that God-awful phrase ‘lessons have been learned so it couldn’t happen again’.

Every time there’s a serious case review, we hear it.

Every time when journalists like me ask who should be help responsibile, we’re told it’s ‘the system’ so no one’s at fault.

This report is Jersey’s opportunity to prove to all Islanders and the world that those cited for wrongdoing will face justice, that those running ‘the system’ won’t escape without sanction, and that the victims who were cowed into silence or disbelieved for generations will, at long last, get some form of justice.