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Archbishop of York [Dr John Sentamu] defends the now-retired Bishop of Sodor & Man [Robert Paterson] against Revd Dr Jules Gomes [now-minister of St Augustine’s Church] in the Isle of Man


Archbishop of York defends Bishop Robert

Monday, November 7th, 2016 1:19pm

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

Dr John Sentamu backs Gomes tribunal rap

The Archbishop of York has made a public statement in support of Bishop Robert Paterson, after a church tribunal reprimanded a former Island vicar.


Now-retired Bishop of Sodor & Man Robert Paterson

Dr John Sentamu, Bishop Robert’s immediate superior in the Church of England, has backed the tribunal’s findings against Dr Jules Gomes.


Defending the Bishop, Dr Sentamu describes his “vilification” by Dr Gomes as “completely unjustified”.

The hearing supported a complaint brought against Dr Gomes after a prolonged and public dispute with Bishop Robert.


It concluded the behaviour of Dr Gomes, the former vicar of Arbory and Castletown, was inappropriate for a man in Holy Orders – he dealt with people with little compassion, causing serious harm to some, lost his temper and displayed anger, and failed to express remorse.


Revd. Dr. Jules Gomes

Dr Sentamu says comments made by Dr Gomes after the hearing confirm and underscore its findings, and offer further proof that Dr Gomes casts aspersions without reason.

In an outspoken verbal attack, Dr Gomes likened Bishop Robert’s approach to dealing with disciplinary issues with hard line Sharia law.

The Archbishop’s comment comes as Bishop Robert retires and leaves the Island.


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Diocese of Sodor & Man “in danger of imploding”


SODOR AND MAN: Anglo-Catholic Vicar Resigns in Wake of Bishop’s attack on Evangelical Vicar

SODOR AND MAN: Anglo-Catholic Vicar Resigns in Wake of Bishop’s attack on Evangelical Vicar
Bishop and Archdeacon have reportedly been attempting to close down the church

By David Virtue, DD
October 24, 2016

A social media storm has erupted against the Bishop of Sodor and Man in the smallest diocese of the Church of England, following VOL’s expose of the bishop’s witch-hunt against the former Canon Theologian and accusations of a “rigged” tribunal.

Despite a public outcry, the tribunal, which met last week, has refused to make it known if Nigel Cretney, a lay reader and a freemason, was allowed to sit on the tribunal, despite a major ‘conflict of interest’ against Dr. Jules Gomes.

On the Sunday following the tribunal, the tiny diocese with only about 10 fulltime remaining clergy received another devastating blow when the Rev. Bob Boyle, vicar of St Matthew the Apostle, the only Anglo-Catholic Church on the Isle of Man, announced his resignation without prior notice to his congregation, saying that he was leaving a paid job to pursue an unpaid House for Duty position in Plymouth, England.

The Archdeacon Andie Brown was present at the service when Rev. Boyle made his announcement and was seeking feedback from the congregation after the service. It is reported that both Bishop and Archdeacon have been attempting to close down the church. St Matthew’s is the only church on the island that continues to fiercely resist women clergy and both bishop and archdeacon have been pursuing a pro-women’s ordination agenda and imposing it on a number of unwilling parishes.

Sources say that the parish, which has been at loggerheads with the bishop for a very long time, raised a total of £11 for the bishop’s farewell gift, which would go to the bishop’s designated charity. However, to avoid a scandal, the PCC added another £89 to make up a total of £100, further infuriating members of the congregation.

A member of the parish told VOL that Bishop Paterson was intending to suspend the living without consulting the Church Commissioners. However, as a Forward in Faith parish, St Matthew’s Church is under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Beverly.

A few months ago, the Rev. Ian Brady and his wife, Rev. Lynda Brady, resigned from the diocese. No one will be appointed to replace the couple in their respective roles as Vicar of St Thomas Church and Chaplain to the Hospice.

Earlier, five clergy arrived on the island in response to an invitation by Archdeacon Brown considering two vacant parishes on the island. However, not a single cleric applied for the position. A theatre nurse from the local hospital, laen Skidmore, was finally appointed to the Parish of the Northern Plain.

Local people fear that the diocese is in danger of imploding, as vicars who are leaving may not be replaced and clergy are not applying for jobs to the island. The Parish of Arbory and Castletown continues to be vacant, despite the bishop’s assurance to the wardens that he would appoint a Vicar before he left the island.

Meanwhile, the story of the Bishop Robert Paterson pursuing his witch-hunt against the Rev. Dr. Jules Gomes has had thousands of direct hits and hundreds of shares on Facebook and other social media since it appeared on VOL last week. At least four major social media sites on the Isle of Man have picked it up and are generating a volume of comment largely attacking the bishop for his failed ministry on the Isle of Man.

‘Worst bishop ever on this island. Always interfering in everything. He gives the island a bad name,’ wrote David Cannell. ‘The bishop has demonstrated a complete lack of idea of what Christians require in their lives, in fact he epitomizes the opposite, however the people who have supported him need to reflect, if the devil were visible it might well have enjoyed the behavior of the acting bishop,’ pointed out David Pownall.

‘How sad, Jules is such a God given blessing to all. Very knowledgeable, approachable and so caring and kind to all his parishioners. All those against may not necessarily be true Christians, and the one can tell a good tree by the fruit it bears and Jules certainly bears the best fruit,’ wrote Diane Margaret.

The bishop has said that the tribunal will announce its result this week.


“Manx tribunal: Gomes guilty”, Church Times, Nov 4 2016 – “Clergyman’s conduct damaged reputation of Church”, Manx Examiner, Oct 28 2016

Church Times

Hard Copy Headline : “Manx Tribunal: Gomes guilty”

Online Headline: “Sodor & Man disciplinary tribunal upholds misconduct charges”


Manx Examiner


Clergyman’s conduct damaged reputation of Church


Reverend Canon Dr Jules Gomes

09:42 Friday 28 October 2016 17

The conduct of an island clergyman has damaged the reputation of the island’s Anglican church, a Bishop’s Disciplinary Tribunal has found. Rev Dr Canon Jules Gomes’s conduct was ‘unbecoming or inappropriate’ to the office and work of the clergy, the tribunal concluded.

imageBishop Robert Paterson

A complaint of misconduct had been made against Rev Gomes, former vicar of Arbory and Castletown and Canon Theologian of St German’s Cathedral, by Archdeacon Andrew Brown.

Following a three day hearing last week, which Rev Gomes refused to attend as he said he didn’t recognise its authority, the tribunal adjudged the Archdeacon’s complaint as well-founded and the case against him proved.

Outlining the principal findings, tribunal chairman Geoffrey Tattersall QC said Rev Gomes had an ‘over-inflated view of his own self-importance’, and dealt with people with ‘little or no compassion or pastoral concern’. He said the clergyman lost his temper and displayed anger, even to those who continued to support him. His behaviour he had caused ‘serious harm’ to people and has caused them to leave their offices or his church, and he did not seem to understand the need to express remorse or amend his ways, the tribunal found.

Finally, he made untrue statements against Bishop Robert Paterson, the Archdeacon and Rev Erica Scott. ‘We have no doubt that such behaviour on the part of the respondent has damaged the reputation of the Church,’ the judgment concluded.

Dr Gomes resigned as vicar of Arbory and Castletown and Canon Theologian last winter, citing ‘bullying and harassment’ and subsequent ill health. The troubled relationship between him and the church hierarchy in the island first became public last July when he brought a petition to Tynwald calling for the governor to request a select committee to examine employment rights of clergy relating to bullying and harassment.

In his complaint, the Archdeacon accused Dr Gomes of showing ‘an unacceptable lack of self-control in failing to control his anger, especially as regards his rage towards his church cleaner’.

In interviews with the news media Dr Gomes had made ‘untrue claims and several malicious and untrue allegations’ against the Bishop and the Archdeacon, it was claimed. The Archdeacon said the respondent had accused both the Bishop and himself of bullying and harassing him and that they were racially motivated against him.

He said the clergyman had misrepresented the facts in his CV for his current and previous posts, by listing informal and unlicensed ministries as if they were formal parochial appointments. And he alleged Dr Gomes had made unfounded allegations against another priest by accusing her of using ‘racist epithets’ in reference to himself.`

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Manx born formerly CV 9:09 PM on 29/10/2016 Psssst König (Facilitator) You have been sacked for bad spelling, living in Norfolk and being out of touch. Didn’t anyone tell you? I mean not even an e-mail? Or do you sack yourself by posting to yourself in here?

konig 9:27 AM on 29/10/2016 (Facilitator) Gomez may well be a very clever and talented man but sadly his ability and talents do not match Christianity or a role in any Christian church. As for people attending his performances, people also attended rabble rousing meetings for years. People attend church services to worship and know better The Lord and to share Christian Fellowship, not to listen to the ranting of a profoundly non-Christian promoting his own nasty agenda.

Djmw 9:28 PM on 28/10/2016 I think it is time that you all grew up and accepted the fact that Jules Gomes is a very clever and talented man, and also that a lot of people are jealous of what he has done so far. Accept the fact that he is going to be here for a long time and ask yourselves why do so many people attend his services.

konig 8:26 PM on 28/10/2016 (Facilitator) There was no need for Gomes to attend the tribunal, the nature of a tribunal is to consider the facts and reach conclusions based on them. The facts are clear and undeniable, the tribunal reached a measured conclusion that Gomes acted I a totally innapropriate manner not only as far as his role in the Church was concerned but also his disgraceful conduct, and Witness as a (supposed) Christian. I have read some of his rambling rants and anything further than works of academic value would be hard to find let alone the manner in which he expressed his rather strange ideas and the childish way that he attempted to denegrate people in high standing in Churches, people who really do represent academic excellence, knowledge of the subjects involved, and who do try to promote the teachings of Christ in today’s world. Gomes should never have been appointed in the role that he was and if the distortions he introduced in his CV had come to light it is highly unlikly that he would have been. No doubt such ‘charasmatic’ people such as Gomes appeal to a certain type of person, usually naive, often self important who see some form of odd glory-by-association with the likes of Gomes, and although such people tend to inhabit the ‘unusual’ sector of society they are usually verbose. IMO Gomes should NEVER have been appointed and had it not been for his distorted CV (not you, CV!) he most likely never would have been.

David A Pownall 7:39 PM on 28/10/2016 Why did the Bishop continue with a tribunal with only one side, his side! What did it cost, it must of been very lonely casting stones with no return. Justice has a result with only one party, truly amazing.

konig 3:31 PM on 28/10/2016 (Facilitator) In fact Gomes is profoundly unscriptural. Not content with rejecting the Anglican canon he went on by sowing discontent in a childish manner that created a very damaging schism in a small community that has seen people diverting attention from the teachings of Christmas. If no other he should take on board what our Saviour said as reported in Matthew 5:9. Maybe those who can not see what this man is should go back to study the teachings of Christ and ignore the hatred that is the stock in trade of what Gomes spreads.

Madwitch 2:47 PM on 28/10/2016 Are the Konigs here for real? Do you realise how bizarre your comments make you all sound? Konig (Facilitator) is clearly delusional and as for Konig Facilitator your comments “Simon please stop using the konig designation. You agreed to accept the findings of the recent konig collective investigation. You no longer represent the views of the konig collective. You have been living in Norfolk for too long and are out of touch. ” makes you sound like a bunch of kids in the play ground. If you are who you say you are as in the Civil Service hierarchy no wonder the Islands finances are in the state they are. The power is in the children’s hands!

freemann 2:43 PM on 28/10/2016 The Church (not the Australian psychedelic rock band formed in Sydney in 1980) in general doesn’t have a good reputation. Stories continue to come out monthly. Difficult to see therefore how the ‘respondent damaged the reputation of the Church’. This whole fiasco of infighting sets a poor example.

Y Wyddfa 1:48 PM on 28/10/2016 I am not into religion at all but a quick google search of Rev Jules Gomes gives you an indication this is a guy who likes to see his name up in lights. There appears not to be a topic he will not write an article, broadcast or post a comment on and frequently appears to castigate others who do not share his particular views. I have no problem with that but it seems at odds with being a vicar of a small local parish and I get the impression that really the Rev Gomes wants to be viewed as bigger than that. As for the dispute I have no idea about the merits but if Rev Gomes does not want to be subject to the rules of the Anglican church presumably he can relinquish his ministry or whatever it is called and do his own thing. For some reason he appears not to want. I am sure the fact that there maybe ongoing pension rights would have nothing to do with it. You get the feeling the Rev Gomes just likes the attention

Rev Coyote 1:17 PM on 28/10/2016 This is really sad – I guess the bishop needs to do some soul searching here and he is the only one thatvwill know whether he invested the time, effort and love to resolve this amicably.

Ronnie Pickerring 12:43 PM on 28/10/2016 Can these clowns please disappear? Why are they all over the news? It’s a tiny matter for a particular cult. Not really of interest to anyone! (4) (2)   Rate: PaulM 12:33 PM on 28/10/2016 Sounds Like The Island could use a Celebrate Recovery ….. (8) (30)   Rate: Guru 12:32 PM on 28/10/2016 If they (and the nauseatingly self-righteous commenters here) were real Christians, they’d instead be outraged about the millions dying of starvation in the Yemen, fighting their corner in the press, marshalling their considerable resources and self-sacrificing their riches to help their “neighbours” like the Good Samaritan in the parable. Instead, they’re buying each other luxury homes, infighting and squabbling from their comfortable surroundings over their expensive Internet links, whilst children are literally “skin on skeletons” according to the World Food Programme. Not a great advert for their faith. (10) (23)   Rate: Shipwrecked 12:23 PM on 28/10/2016 Rev Gomes had an ‘over-inflated view of his own self-importance’ A lot will agree with this. An arrogant and at times, (despite his CV) ignorant individual. A typical self indulgent narcissist. (7) (13)   Rate: Neil D 11:44 AM on 28/10/2016 That sounds more like the truth Lydia. Take no notice of Konig though, this poster doesn’t even know who he/they are from one posting to the next

Read more at: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/clergyman-s-conduct-damaged-reputation-of-church-1-8206236

Lydia Charitas 11:35 AM on 28/10/2016 This is spin doctoring at its best on the part of a failed bishop representing a failed Church of England on the Isle of Man. Dr Gomes was the best thing since sliced (brown) bread the Church has had on the island. An outstanding preacher, a serious intellectual, a highly educated man with four post-graduate degrees (including a PhD from Cambridge)–probably the most highly qualified clergyman the Manx Church has ever had. His lectures drew over 100 people each week. Now that he has left the Church of England, the new church plant of St Augustine’s is thriving. He has found a new way of expressing himself through writing articles (for a prestigious web-magazine called The Conservative Woman) that are extremely well argued and meticulously researched. The entire fiasco is down to the bishop and his cronies feeling very threatened by a vicar who has had the courage to rock the boat and stand against the corrupt establishment of a failing church.

konig 10:13 AM on 28/10/2016 (Facilitator) IMO Homes should never have been appointed, his track record and the views that he expressed are totally at odds with the position in which he was placed. The writing was writ large on the wall and with no need to be interpreted unlike the writing at Balthazzar’s feast. I am put in mind the remark from The Merchant of Venice that ‘The devil can quote scripture for his purpose’. That could certainly be applied in the case of Gomes. IMO the findings concerning his conduct are bang on the button.

Lydia Charitas 11:36 AM on 28/10/2016 You can’t even spell the surname correctly. It’s Gomes and not Homes! And it’s Belshazzar’s feast not Balthasar’s Feast. How wonderfully your own ignorance contradicts your claims!

konig Facilitator 12:47 PM on 28/10/2016 Simon please stop using the konig designation. You agreed to accept the findings of the recent konig collective investigation. You no longer represent the views of the konig collective. You have been living in Norfolk for too long and are out of touch. It is also a little bit embarrassing that you incorrectly stated his name.

Manx born formerly CV 2:12 PM on 28/10/2016 Oops..konig has fallen out with himself again.

konig jnr 6:14 PM on 28/10/2016 No I haven’t

Email: newsdesk@newsiom.co.im Telephone: 01624 695695
Read more at: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/clergyman-s-conduct-damaged-reputation-of-church-1-8206236


St Augustine’s Church, Douglas, Isle of Man


There can be no doubt that the attacks and counter attacks between the Diocese and ourselves are being viewed with less and less sympathy by many church-goers on the Island. Accordingly, the Management Team have authorised me to make the following statement and issue the request in the final paragraph below to us all:
When the original announcement was made on 2 September 2015 that The Bishop and the Archdeacon were launching a Clergy Discipline Measure (CDM) against Dr Gomes, the legal advice which he received from eminent ecclesiastical lawyers, one of whom is a senior clergyman and member of General Synod, was, and has remained, that because Dr Gomes was not ordained by the Church of England (C of E) and that after due notice on 31 December 2015 he had resigned from all his offices within the C of E, the CDM would be “meaningless”.  
Before going on to discuss the complaints and the findings of the Tribunal it is relevant to note there have been only four (CDMs) launched in the UK against priests within the C of E in the past thirteen months, one for theft of £30,000 from Church Funds, two for fornication with female members in the priest’s congregation and one for assault and fornication with a male and a female member of that Priest’s congregation. To undertake a CDM against Dr Gomes on the complaints indicated below would be seen by many as a significant misuse of the Clergy Discipline Measure and a clear indication not only of further intimidation and harassment, but that a separate agenda was being pursued notably the suppression of the Tynwald Petition by Dr Gomes.  
Because the legal advice has been unequivocal and consistent Dr Gomes decided to have nothing to do with the CDM and not to defend himself or be represented. A Tribunal chaired by an officer of the Diocese paid by the Bishop, and without any defence being heard, was even more “meaningless”. Unsurprisingly, this combination led to a one-sided set of conclusions. An example of this is that the Tribunal found “no evidence whatsoever of bullying by the Bishop or the Archdeacon” (paragraph 88-89 of the Tribunal Report). They claimed that this assertion was borne out by the evidence before them that neither Dr Gomes nor his supporters had ever complained officially. In fact, two CDMs had been launched in protest against the Bishop, one by Mrs Gomes and one by Fr Robert Ferguson on his own account, detailing between them some twenty-seven specific instances of bullying by the Bishop. Both of these CDMs, incidentally, were dismissed by the Archdiocese of York. Nor was the Tribunal made aware that several very specific letters of complaint about the Bishop’s behaviour had been written to the Archbishop of York, and that there was an on-line petition which revealed that more than 129 identifiable Manx residents asserted that there had in fact been extensive bullying by the Bishop. Such omissions by the Tribunal reduced its credibility and any claim to impartiality. 
In its early form the CDM contained six complaints against Dr Gomes trawled by the Archdeacon going back in one case over eight years. Two complaints were deleted on the advice of the lawyers employed by the Bishop. The remaining four complaints were:
a. That he had embellished his CV. The Tribunal found him not guilty of misconduct on this complaint.
b. That he had accused a member of the clergy of referring to him as a “darkie”. The evidence was inconsistent, but accepting the word of the clergywoman against Dr Gomes word and that of a witness statement which was not before them, the Tribunal found Dr Gomes guilty of misconduct.
c. That he had lost his temper with a church cleaner and had spoken strongly on several occasions to other individuals. Dr Gomes tried to offer an apology to the cleaner but was told by her that she had been instructed by the Bishop not to accept it unless he was present. Dr Gomes admits and accepts this complaint, apologises for his action and is determined that it will not recur. The Tribunal found him guilty of this misconduct.
d. That at Tynwald in July 2015 he spoke out about the Bishop and the Archdeacon’s bullying. The Tribunal found him guilty of this misconduct. Dr Gomes maintains that his remarks were not only true but were within his democratic rights to free speech, and that a significant number of people agreed with him.
It follows that if the CDM is legally “meaningless so too are the threats by the Bishop to damage or restrict Dr Gomes career as a preacher of the Gospel. The Bishop has no legal jurisdiction over Dr Gomes, neither has the Diocese. He remains the trusted and esteemed minister of St Augustine’s Church, a uniquely gifted preacher and Biblical scholar. In the eight months since our founding he has brought a real joy in the Gospel to our church family. 
The Management Team Prayer and Planning Meeting on Friday 28 October decided that once the recording already made by Marion Kenny with Dr Gomes had been broadcast on 31 October’s Mandate the members of the Management Team would decline thereafter to respond in any way, on Manx Radio, in the newspapers or in social media. It would be a complete cease-fire to limit further damage and distress. They have authorised me to request that all of us, as individuals or as a church should commit to the same restraint, whether it be unilateral or not.