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“Chichester Cathedral – Society and Faith” – New Guidebook – Page 37


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Chichester Cathedral: Society and Faith A New Publication About Chichester Cathedral (Pitkin Guidebook – October 2016)

Chichester Cathedral: Society and Faith

Chichester Cathedral: Society and Faith

The current Chichester Cathedral guidebook takes the visitor on a route around the Cathedral and discusses the highlights of each area.  It is a beautiful pictorial guide and a perfect souvenir.  Our new book Chichester Cathedral: Society and Faith has been produced in response to visitor requests for a small, affordable publication with more text about the Cathedral as a whole, throughout its 900 year history from its origins in Selsey in 681 to the present day.

In his Welcome, The Very Reverend Stephen Waine, Dean of Chichester writes:

This book tells a number of stories about Chichester Cathedral.  There is the story of the history of a building of great beauty, and the ingenuity and skill of its builders and craftsmen, and how it has been embellished over the centuries; there is the story of the people who have found their lives bound up with this place in good and in testing times; there is the narrative of the way in which the Cathedral’s history is bound up with the history of the nation; and there is the story which contains all the others, the Christian story of the God of love to whom prayer and worship have been offered in this place for over 900 years.

Chichester Cathedral: Society and Faith is priced at £6.99 and can be purchased from the Cathedral Shop.

And on the eve of delivering the Bell Petition to Lambeth Palace, it is very sadly noted on Page 37 (under the Chapter Heading : “1900s: ART AND MUSIC”):


Page 37 – “Chichester Cathedral. Society and Faith”

“Since October 2015, however, some aspects of the way he is remembered have been called into question.  An investigation into a claim of child abuse concluded that the allegations, whilst not tested in a court of law, are nonetheless plausible.  His considerable achievements and their legacy remain, but it now seems entirely possible that the same man who showed moral courage in opposing saturation bombing was also responsible for the devastating abuse of a child.  As Bell himself recognised, few people are either wholly good, or wholly evil, and supporting victims is always the right thing to do.”

This re-opens wounds which will now be very difficult to heal.

It can only be hoped that this new Cathedral Guide will be immediately pulped, and the Archbishop and the Bishop of Chichester will distance themselves from what has been allowed to happen here.