July 29 2017 – Stuart Syvret – Twitter

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Stuart Syvret

  1. One brief example of the witness-testimony and evidence constructively-excluded by the Jersey

  2. A survivor who’d heard this disgusting conduct of the Jersey parliament, wept on my shoulder in broad daylight

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    2nd of 3 times I had an evening of counseling survivors against suicide, because of conduct of Philip Bailhache

  4. A question based on my important experience: ‘why should it take 1 decade, to get even this far?’ Interview

  5. I received one of “those” kind of letters today. Made me laugh out loud at its corruption. & fear. I’m replying. I expect assassination soon

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    I have to say, Stuart, you hit the nail on the head there.

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    Wiltshire Police – A child-abuse concealing gangster enterprise. #2008

    Stuart Syvret added,

  8. “A Decades-Long Betrayal of the Innocents” – how I tried to describe Jersey’s child-abuse cover-up. A decade ago

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    my experience of – don’t know if it rings any (church) bells with anyone else? ?

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    “Hand wringing and apologies aren’t enough” Claims that ‘clergy’s interests are put above C of E abuse victims’

    The Rt Rev. Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham
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    – my abuse story and why mandatory reporting & independent safeguarding is needed. Too late yesterday. Today?

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