January 3 2017 – Formal Complaint to Argus Editor from Richard W. Symonds


Dear Lucy Pearce – Argus Editor


Please register this email as a formal complaint of your shoddy journalism regarding the Bishop Bell case.


After informally complaining to your reporter Joel Adams (& yourself) regarding “2016 In Front Pages” (Dec 27), it would appear you have either cynically ignored the complaint, or ‘one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing’ in your new office.


Today, we read (“Stories of 2016”, Argus, Jan 3)(Front Page “He told me it was our little secret because God loved me” – ‘February 3. The victim of Bishop George Bell’s shocking revelations rocked the Church’):


“Many questioned why George Bell…was named and shamed as a predatory paedophile after his death. After all, there had not been a criminal trial. But the Argus was able to arrange an exclusive interview with his victim. Surely after reading her account, nobody could question the validity of what she had been through?”


It is not a matter of questioning “the validity of what she (‘Carol’) had been through”. It is a matter of questioning whether or not Bishop Bell was the abuser.


Lord Carlile will be investigating, among other things, whether there is a mismatch between what is claimed to be sufficient evidence, and what is sufficient evidence. If there is a serious mismatch, there is no moral or legal justification for the Church’s actions against the Bishop.


It seems clear to me your paper has a problem in accurately reporting such basic facts.


I would appreciate a written answer to this formal complaint by Friday Jan 6 before 4pm.


Thank you.



Yours sincerely



Richard W. Symonds

The Bell Society


2 Lychgate Cottages

Ifield Street, Ifield Village

Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0NN


Tel: 07540 309592 (Text only – Very deaf)

Email: richardsy5@aol.com

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