A Contemplation on Thomas Merton (1915-1968)

Father Thomas Merton


“The fallible and multi-coloured humanity of the writer…The restoration of God’s image in us is the heart of what Christian theology, liturgy and contemplation all aim at. This is, indeed, as John Moses says, a Christian humanism, reminding us that the good news we so often seem to forget is that we are not only saved but enlarged by grace – made more, not less, ourselves, more aware of the mystery at the centre of who we are, more sceptical of all the various cultural disorders that seek so obsessively to make us less than we are”

~ Rowan Williams – Foreword to “Divine discontent” by John Moses

“We are all created in the image of God, but Thomas Merton seemed to be just a little bit more so…Straddling the divide between contemplation and action. Engaging with God and engaging with the world, he continues to speak, asking that we might look again at our preconceived ideas…”

~ John Moses

“Contrary to some concepts of holiness, my idea of the raw material of sanctity is not a thick river of molasses oozing sluggishly towards heaven. It is fire and passion and frustration and failure and renewed effort”

~ Naomi Burton Stone – “I Shall Miss Thomas Merton” – 1969


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