Bell Society – News Release – Lord Carlile and The Review – November 23 2016

The Bell Society echoes the words of Frank Field MP and member of the George Bell Group:
“I welcome unreservedly the Archbishop [of Canterbury’s] decision to establish an independent reviewer on the George Bell case. In Lord Carlile there could not be a better independent person to conduct this inquiry. It speaks volumes that the Archbishop has made this move, all of which is to his credit”
Every opportunity will be taken up to put our concerns to the review – a review for which many have worked, hoped and prayed.
There is every reason to be confident a fairer, more just, hearing will take place than Bishop Bell received initially – but saddened this has taken so long to achieve.
It is hoped the Bishop of Chichester, Dean and Chapter will now take the necessary steps to right the specific wrongs, so that forgiveness and healing can take place within the Cathedral community and beyond.  
For further information on this News Release, please contact:
Richard W. Symonds
The Bell Society
2 Lychgate Cottages
Ifield Street, Ifield Village
Crawley, West Sussex RH11 ONN
Tel: 07540 309592 (Text only – Very deaf)

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