Archbishop of York [Dr John Sentamu] defends the now-retired Bishop of Sodor & Man [Robert Paterson] against Revd Dr Jules Gomes [now-minister of St Augustine’s Church] in the Isle of Man

Archbishop of York defends Bishop Robert

Monday, November 7th, 2016 1:19pm

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu

Dr John Sentamu backs Gomes tribunal rap

The Archbishop of York has made a public statement in support of Bishop Robert Paterson, after a church tribunal reprimanded a former Island vicar.


Now-retired Bishop of Sodor & Man Robert Paterson

Dr John Sentamu, Bishop Robert’s immediate superior in the Church of England, has backed the tribunal’s findings against Dr Jules Gomes.


Defending the Bishop, Dr Sentamu describes his “vilification” by Dr Gomes as “completely unjustified”.

The hearing supported a complaint brought against Dr Gomes after a prolonged and public dispute with Bishop Robert.


It concluded the behaviour of Dr Gomes, the former vicar of Arbory and Castletown, was inappropriate for a man in Holy Orders – he dealt with people with little compassion, causing serious harm to some, lost his temper and displayed anger, and failed to express remorse.


Revd. Dr. Jules Gomes

Dr Sentamu says comments made by Dr Gomes after the hearing confirm and underscore its findings, and offer further proof that Dr Gomes casts aspersions without reason.

In an outspoken verbal attack, Dr Gomes likened Bishop Robert’s approach to dealing with disciplinary issues with hard line Sharia law.

The Archbishop’s comment comes as Bishop Robert retires and leaves the Island.


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