“Church told bishops not to apologise to abuse victims” – Daily Telegraph -22 August 2016


Chichester Cathedral

“The approach to survivors is often a corporate model and this document supports that – it shows a church led by lawyers and insurers. You get the impression that these people are really their masters,” he [‘Joe’] said. “The Church will say ‘our hands are tied’, but they are paying the people who are tying their hands. They should say ‘we need to stop this nonsense’, but they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate.”

A Church of England spokesman said: “The Church of England published new guidance in 2015 emphasising that: ‘The pastoral response to alleged victims and survivors is of top priority, and needs to be separated as far as possible from the management processes for the situation, and from legal and insurance responses.’ That superseded all previous advice.”

~ “Church told bishops not to apologise to abuse victims”, The Daily Telegraph, 22 August 2016



Chichester Cathedral

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