In 2004, County Hall Chichester closed down St. Cuthmans Special School in Stedham – “Wispers” – a mixed-sex boarding school with 54 children (aged between 7 and 16) still on the roster with Special Needs. Why? And where are those children now?

Wispers 2008 Panoramic

St. Cuthmans – “Wispers”

St Cuthman’s School – “Wispers” – Stedham – West Sussex Council – Chichester

St Cuthman’s School was established at Wispers in 1956 or 1957,[6] when the Wispers estate was bought by West Sussex County Council who ran a mixed-sex boarding school there for children aged from 7 to 16 with special needs.[5][7] During its life it was known both as St Cuthman’s Special School (i.e. in 1968 it is referred to by this name in official documents)[6] and as St Cuthman’s School. It closed on 31 August 2004, with 54 pupils on the roster.[8]

After closure, the house was sold by the Council and a planning application lodged to convert the main house into 7 flats with other buildings on the estate being either converted or demolished.[5] The 35 acre estate was for sale under the name of St Cuthmans, and comprised Wispers, a pair of traditional cottages, a former coach house, a farm house, a stone and brick barn and a pair of 1970s cottages.[9]

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