Opinion – Richard W. Symonds – July 4 2016


Richard W. Symonds

Will the Church of England’s promise last week of a Bishop Bell Independent Review prove an empty delaying tactic – ‘an ecclesiastical filibuster’ – to avoid debating this critical issue at the General Synod in York this week?

Will the Church use the Independent Review as a debate-blocker until after the General Synod?

Whatever the case, the Church can no longer expect ‘double-trust’, whereby it first asked us to take on trust the thoroughness and impartiality of its initial investigation and now asks us to take on trust the conduct and findings of its Independent Review.
Hiding behind a veil of secrecy is not giving the necessary protection to ‘Carol’, nor is it providing the necessary support to its safeguarding teams.
The Diocese of Chichester does not need reminding of the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi:
“Where there is darkness, let me put Light”

Or does it?



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