“The Church Seriously Misled People About Bishop Bell. People Will React Accordingly”


George Bell House

People interpreted the Church of England’s Press Statement on October 22 2015 as clearly stating it believed Bishop Bell was guilty of sexual abuse, as alleged by ‘Carol’:


The Church Statement was written in such a way as to make those who read and reported it to assume Bishop Bell’s guilt. And that’s exactly what the Media did assume, as their headlines made clear.

If the writer of the Statement had a different intention, then they only had to publish that immediately after all the headlines stating the Bishop’s guilt. But they did not.

It was the following year in which the Bishop of Durham was forced to say something different from that intended by the writer of the Church of England Press Statement – tucked away in a House of Lords debate which almost no-one reads on January 28 2016:

“If noble Lords read very carefully the statements that have been put out, they will see that there has been no declaration that we are convinced that this [sexual abuse] took place”

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Chichester immediately supported the October 2015 Press Statement, leaving people in no doubt they believed Bishop Bell was guilty – especially by immediately changing the name of George Bell House to 4 Canon Lane.

The Church of England’s Diocese of Chichester justifies its secrecy and silence by saying it is legally bound by confidentiality. The George Bell Group Legal Team has completely destroyed this legal argument:


The Church has seriously misled people about Bishop Bell. People will react accordingly.

 A miscarriage of justice is now almost an inevitability unless an Independent Review of the process leading up to the October 2015 Press Statement is secured – with a re-examination of all the available evidence.

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